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Welcome to TINICT-2017 !​

This International Summit "Trends and Innovations for Next Gen ICT (TINICT)" intends to provide a ​forum to exchange ideas among researchers, scientists, developers and practitioners in the areas of computing, communications and informatics.
The role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a tool for development and transparency has attracted the sustained attention of the entire world over recent years. ICT comprises a​ complex and heterogeneous set of goods, applications and services u​sed to produce, process, distribute and transform information.
The potential of ICT for stimulating economic growth, socioeconomic development and effective governance is well recognized. But the benefits of ICT have been unevenly distributed within and between countries. India has now gradually emerged as able participant in the workforce and have even advanced to hold important roles and positions. So there are strong needs to identify and recognize the trends and innovations of ICT for empowering our Nation.
This initiative will mobilize all the stakeholders to focus on frontiers of ICT for the benefit of the entire society to bring the digital revolution leading to IT enablement of our Country. Disruptive digital technologies will create both challenges and opportunities for organizations which are dealing with technology and services like DRDO, ISRO and many other players involved in product innovations. In this summit we are bringing subject experts from all spheres of ICT and related technologies namelyCloud, Big Data, IoT, Cyber Space Defence, Disaster Recovery etc., who will work as a catalyst to initiate innovations in the entire ecosystem.
This International Summit is being organized to celebrate the foundation day of Computer Society of India (CSI) which took birth on 6th March, 1965 at DRDO campus Hyderabad. As part of this celebration, Inspirational Speech by a famous and magnetic personality is also organized to ignite the minds of ICT Professionals.​